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I look a bit different right now.

I have enjoyed being the long-haired accountant, but it's time for a change. Locks of Love will be getting a donation, and I keep wondering why my head feels funny.

I like the way I look now, but it's still a bit strange to me.

Shinbanger is a bit dubious, and sometimes seems to forget who I am. Silly dog.
lord of the peeps


Executive Summary:
This is not a drill! Canine Familial Unit arriving in 90 minutes or less!

So, Mimsy & I have been working on getting a dog over the last few months (starting in May-ish?) We've been visiting dog shows, breeders, and other dog-related events. (Breed - Shiba Inu)

Saturday, we went up to a dog show near Davis, and one of the breeders that we had spoken to in the past mentioned that they had a dog that they were looking to place, and they only lived about 20 minutes away (from Davis)

So, we went & met Sky, who's a 7-year old male, and we loved him. He's hits most of the Shiba stereotypes, except that he loves chasing balls. This isn't "I brought you the ball, I'm a good dog!" that retrievers do. This is "chase the ball! kill it! kill it! OK, it's dead. Hey, human! make the ball live!"

So, today, Mimsy & Maggie took Maggie's dog (Shimi) to meet Sky, since Shimi visits us often, and it would be bad if they couldn't at least ignore each other affably.

Sky apparently had to be told that Shimi wasn't in season (and never will be again), but he's a gentleman. He only had to be told no once, and no blood was necessary. (that's a gentleman by dog standards...) Once that got cleared up, everything went fine, and the breeder suggested starting the trial period right away.

So, they filled up the truck with dog-gear & headed on back. I'm off to clean some before Sky gets here.
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"Realmente blog informativo aquí mi amigo. Sólo quería hacer un comentario y decir que mantener el trabajo de calidad. He marcado tu ahora y voy a volver a leer más en el futuro de mi amigo! También bien elegidos los colores sobre el tema que va bien con el blog en mi modesta opinión:)"

This was a comment on my most recent post. (and yes, I have been lax.)

Do any of my regular readers speak enough spanish to read this?

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News from Portland

Item the 27th:
In Oregon, the assumption is that you a) are a lumberjack, or b) bike to work. This is demonstrated by the size of meals. Last night, I had some "boneless chicken wings." I was expecting something a bit bigger than a mcnugget. instead, each wing was a half chicken breast, breaded & fried. The pancakes from this morning were about a foot across. I ate one, and was done.

Item the 2nd:
Powell's bookstore is awesome! Picture an ordinary block of shops. Now have someone drive a small bulldozer through each interior wall. Put floor-to-ceiling shelves in. fill with books, paint to taste.

Item the 365th:
my plane is delayed by 2 hours. sitting in a pub, with our IT boss.
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anyone need a lawyer?

A crackerjack young lawyer who has been advising our department is losing his job. If your company needs a lawyer, send me the contact info & I'll pass it along.
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When is emptiness truly empty?

when it is my wireless router. I keep trying different combos of rebooting, reinstalling & whatnot, and it appears to be completely hosed. My wireless card can see the network, but absolutely no communication.

I think the security settings are FUBARED, and I can't get the router & card to agree as to what security to use. (WEP, WPA, etc.)

One of the systems gives WEP & WPA as ooptions, while the other has WPA & WPA2, in both personal & enterprise flavors, and has options for how to encrypt same.

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A replacement for Hemlines as economic indicator

Since mini-kilts have not caught on, and there is no longer much uniformity in skirt lengths, we need a new way of predicting economic conditions.

ladies & gentlemen, I present the madison/gold index. During the early portion of a recession, you will see TV ads for "sell your unwanted gold." During the early portion of a recovery, you will see "buy gold to protect against economic uncertainty."

So, we should track the number of minutes of ad time bought by these companies.